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More transactions

May 15, 2024


This week, we're excited to announce that Candle now includes Robinhood debit card transactions in the Activity screen. This means you can now see all your transactions and orders in one place, making it easier to track your money.

What's new:

  • Activity Screen: Now view and search transactions, access details, and find similar ones more easily.
  • Automation Builder: Open for waitlist sign-ups.
  • Performance: Various improvements and bug fixes for a smoother experience.

You can try it out by downloading the latest version of Candle (v2.2.1), available on the App Store and Google Play!


Introducing our public preview

April 24, 2024

After a few weeks of testing, we're ready to share our GPT with the world. We've been using it internally to help us organize and automate our finances, and we're excited to see how it can help you too.

What's new:

  • Public preview: Chat with your money is now available to everyone
  • Android is now supported
  • Short-term memory: It remembers the context of your questions
  • Improved performance and stability

You can try it out by downloading the latest version of Candle (v2.1.1), available on the App Store and Google Play!


Chat with your money.

April 8, 2024

Today, we are excited to share the private preview of our GPT. Why a GPT? Language models have changed everything in terms of what is possible. So when OpenAI launched their GPT store earlier this year, we knew we had to jump on it and see how LLMs could help us organize and automate our finances. We call it "Chat with your money.”, and it's a simple idea. You can ask your money questions and get answers straight inside ChatGPT.


How does it work?

You can ask it to do things like:

  • "How much money do I have?"
  • "Check the performance of my stocks."

Or even run actions like:

  • "Transfer $100 to my savings account."
  • "Buy $10 of Apple stock."

Try it on the latest Candle version (v1.13.1), available on the App Store and Google Play!


More Powerful Transfers

March 23, 2024

With our latest update, Candle can intelligently move money from account A to account B–even if those accounts are held at different institutions—and even if it has to make the transfer in multiple steps.


Some more highlights:

  • Automatically see & use accounts from banks you haven't linked to Candle yet, as long as you've already linked them to Cash App or Robinhood.
  • See a complete history of transfers you've placed using Candle by going to Automations > Library
  • Check your Cash App balance, portfolio, and automate your investments, all up to 10x faster than before.
  • Browse automations easier than ever before, with our redesign of the Automations tab

Grab Candle v1.11.34 from the App Store or Google Play today!


Investment Baskets for Cash App

February 29, 2024

We're thrilled to announce our latest update, bringing full feature parity across all your linked accounts.


Create automated investment baskets using your Cash App account. You don't need Robinhood to invest smarter: build a basket today using any of the hundreds of stock and crypto assets supported by Cash App.

Get a more complete picture. We've improved the Wallet tab, so it now shows even more of your Robinhood and Cash App investment history. Check out the different graph periods or search your Order History with a single tap.

Get a sneak peak of a new feature. We're launching the first-ever GPT for personal finance, letting you check your balances, send money, and even invest, without ever leaving ChatGPT. Join the waitlist today.

Brand-new app icon. We've revamped our design, starting with our app icon. Try out alternative icons in the Profile tab and let us know which one you like the best!

Get Candle v1.10.69 for iOS or Android today.


Transfer Everywhere

January 30, 2024


We're excited to announce our newest update to Candle, which deepens our exclusive connection to Cash App.

You can now transfer money between your Cash Balance and Savings accounts, right from Candle. Just choose Transfer on the Automations tab, and select your accounts.

If you haven't linked Cash App to Candle yet, just go to the Profile tab > Link Another Account, and enter your credentials. As with all of our propietary connections, your credentials and access tokens stay on your device and are never shared with us or anybody else.


Get notified about important changes with your linked accounts. Now, after you link an account, you'll have the opportunity to set up smart notifications that keep you up to date with your spending, investments, and more. You can enable and disable Notifications at any time on the Settings tab.

More design improvements and bug fixes. Get ready for a more beautiful and streamlined experience.

Grab Candle v1.9.10 on the App Store or Google Play today.


Simpler Is Better

January 12, 2024

We're excited to announce our first Candle release of 2024! Stay tuned for many more to come—and join our Discord community today to get sneak peeks and ask us questions directly.


More capabilities with Cash App

You can now see a complete picture of your Cash App account straight from Candle, including:

  • your lifetime order history
  • all your stock & crypto holdings
  • your cash & savings account balances
  • beautiful graphs* and visualizations to get more insight into your performance

Link both Cash App and Robinhood to see your combined portfolio at a glance, or drill in by account or by asset class.

* Known issue: graph may be incorrect for stocks held during a split/reverse split.

Completely redesigned Basket automation

We've simplified the experience of creating a new Basket with a brand-new flow. It's now even easier to discover new assets and check your Basket's diversity before submitting it.

Stay tuned for completely automated rebalancing, launching later this month.

Download Candle v1.8.18 today for iOS and Android!


Just Getting Started

December 26, 2023

I'm happy to share the last release of 2023, here's what's new:

  • Cash App: Linking Cash App is partially supported. You'll be able to see your cash summary and Bitcoin in the wallet tab! Full support for automations and transfers coming in the next release.

  • Faster Launch Times: Opening the app should feel more snappier than before.

  • Design Updates: We've made some tweaks to the profile screen and a new launch screen animation.


Breaking changes

  • Due to technical updates, Candle v1.7.26 does NOT support automated portfolios created with earlier versions of the app. TLD;R we upgraded some legacy code and supporting older versions was going to be a big time investment. Going forward this should never be a problem again!

Grab Candle v1.7.26 on the App Store or Google Play today.


We're Here For You

November 30, 2023

With this week's release, we're excited to offer real-time support for our customers, straight from the Candle app. If you're facing issues, just open the Profile tab, select your brokerage account, and tap Enable Remote Support. Let us know what problem you're facing and we'll get back to you ASAP.


You stay in control—when you're happy with the support you've received, just tap Disable Remote Support to instantly block our team's access to your brokerage account.

We're also added more features and improvements throughout the app. Here's the highlights:

  • Real-time search: Get results as you type. Find assets for your custom basket, or use the Search automation from the Automations tab.
  • Changed password support: If you just changed your brokerage password, you'll be prompted to re-link your account with your new password the next time you open Candle.
  • More reliable Wallet tab: We'll load and analyze your portfolio more accurately (and faster than ever).

Grab Candle v1.6.14 on the App Store or Google Play today!


The Past and the Future

November 23, 2023

We're thrilled to announce this week's update to Candle for iOS and Android. We think we've made the app easier—and more fun—to use.


Wallet tab

  • 10x faster to load: see your Available Cash, Assets Owned, and more right away
  • Look back at your decisions: see all the companies and crypto you've ever bought with the new Order History card
  • No more re-authentication: we'll keep your bank and brokerage connections alive for you*.

* Your bank/brokerage credentials are stored securely on your device and are never shared with us or anybody else.

We've also fixed bugs and improved messages throughout the app. Grab Candle v1.5.11 on the App Store or Google Play today!


Only What Matters

November 14, 2023

We have some great improvements to the Candle experience to share with y'all this week!


Filter by asset class (and more)

Check out the new filters menu on the Wallet tab and visualize just your stock or crypto assets and how they've performed over time. You can also use this menu to filter to specific linked accounts, like Robinhood or Cash App (p.s. keep an eye out for an exciting announcement about Cash App next week).

Control your linked accounts

You can now control all your linked accounts directly from the Profile tab. With just a tap, you can open a linked institution's mobile app, unlink the account, or browse new accounts to link. If your account isn't supported yet, you can join the list to get notified when it is.

Easier to use

When you're choosing or updating assets for your automated portfolio, you can now just tap on an asset to remove it. We've also updated the design of every screen in the app to be more consistent and feel more intuitive.

Check out the update on iOS and Android today.


Try Before You Buy

November 7, 2023

This week, we're launching our biggest update yet for new customers!

You can now get the full Candle experience before linking any accounts. Try out all our automations—you'll only be prompted to link an account at the final step.


And that's not all. Here are some more highlights:

  • Ask AI: Don't know what stocks and crypto to put in your portfolio? Just tap the new "Ask AI" tab while searching and instantly discover "companies similar to Walmart", "high dividend stocks", and more*.
  • Waitlist: Sign up to get notified when we launch new automations or bank/brokerage connections. Check out the automations coming soon on the Browse tab.
  • Fundamentals: See which exchange companies are listed on, pinpoint their HQ, and more. Check out the new data by searching for a stock or drilling into the assets in your portfolio.
  • Bugs Fixed: You'll now have to confirm if you want to discard changes—throughout the app. So if you accidentally close the screen while setting up an automation, you won't lose your place.

* AI may produce inaccurate information. Candle is not a broker-dealer or investment advisor, and does not recommend any particular stock that AI displays as a result of your query. See our Terms of Service for more information.

If you haven't linked an account to Candle yet, this is your moment! Download Candle for iOS and Android today.


Crypto. Stocks. All of the above.

October 17, 2023

This week, we're announcing some thrilling new capabilities for Candle automated portfolios! If you haven't created a portfolio yet, this is your time—download Candle for iOS and Android today.

Crypto Portfolios

You can now include cryptocurrencies in your automated portfolios: create an all-crypto portfolio or even mix stocks and crypto! If you already have a portfolio, you can tap "Edit Portfolio" and add crypto to it today.

Custom Allocations

When you create an automated portfolio, you can now adjust your exposure to each individual asset. And if you've already created a portfolio, just tap "Edit Portfolio" and update your exposure in real time.

Bugs Fixed

  • Visual layout for assets with longer names
  • Readability of buttons in Dark Mode
  • When connecting an account, retrying after an error is more intuitive
  • For customers with no cash balance, the Wallet tab now shows $0

We're Live

October 5, 2023

We're thrilled to announce that Candle is now available to all iOS and Android users1 on the App Store and Play Store! We can't wait for all of you to try out the app and are looking forward to your feedback.



If you've been following our progress while the app was in beta, this release also includes a number of improvements:

  • Speed: Analyzing your account data for the first time after you link a brokerage account is now 50% faster2
  • Design: We've re-designed our welcome screen and improved loading states and error dialogs throughout the app
  • Security: Now, it's impossible for anyone to spy on the data in your Candle account, even if you're using a public WiFi network3

How to Upgrade

If you currently have a beta version of Candle installed, you can choose to continue recieving beta updates (on TestFlight/Google Play Early Release), or switch to the App Store/Play Store version of Candle and only receive public releases going forward.

Important Note: if you switch from a higher-number version of the app (e.g. 1.2.0) to a lower-number version (e.g. 1.1.5), the app will be unable to access your account data, and instead give you the option to create a new Candle account. If you complete this process, you will no longer be able to access your previous account or any portfolios you have created.

Future Announcements

Going forward, we'll be exclusively publishing updates about new App Store/Play Store releases. If you choose to continue receiving beta updates on TestFlight or Google Play (Early Access), you'll be getting access to new features before they're officially live, so make sure to check the release notes on TestFlight/Google Play to learn what's new in each new build.

We have lots of exciting updates planned for the upcoming weeks, including new connections and automations. Stay tuned!


  1. Candle is available for download in the US only.

  2. 50% on average. Loading times may vary depending on your network connection and other factors.

  3. Network security can never be 100% guaranteed. Candle uses industry-standard security techniques to protect your data.


New Frontiers

September 26, 2023

We're incredibly excited to announce that Candle is now available on Android!

If you use an Android phone, this is your moment: all of the great features of our iOS app now work seamlessly on Android, from automated portfolios to our rock-solid connections and even dark mode 😎


You can download the Candle for Android beta today here. Candle for iOS v1.1.2 is also available here.

Stay tuned for an exciting announcement next week about our full launch on the App Store and Play Store!


A giant leap for your finances

September 13, 2023

We're thrilled to announce that today, we're shipping our biggest update yet! This release brings Candle closer than ever to our vision of a single app that automates every aspect of your finances.

Portfolios as easy as apple pie

Creating an automated portfolio is now easier than ever. You can even choose a name for your portfolio, so you can tell all your portfolios apart at a glance.

See all of your active portfolios in the new My Library tab on the Automations screen. To create a new portfolio or run other automations, just switch over to Browse.


(We'll) stay on top of the market

The new Edit Portfolio button brings together existing options like adding money and cashing out with brand-new actions to allow you to make multiple changes to your portfolio at the same time.

With the new Add/remove stocks action, you can instantly change the makeup of your portfolio. Discover new companies and simulate their performance before adding them.

With the new Rebalance action, you can scientifically improve the risk profile of your portfolio with a single tap.


You're in the driver's seat

You'll now see our new Automation Review screen before any automations are run. This screen breaks down exactly what transfers and orders will be sent to your brokerage, so you can feel comfortable letting Candle do the work for you.

If some orders can't be filled or the market isn't open, you'll get a precise status for each order, along with simple options to resolve the issue.

Bugs fixed

We've improved the accuracy of the simulation graphs that show up while you're adding stocks to your portfolio.

Check out the update (v1.0.601) on TestFlight and start automating your finances today!


Embracing the Dark Side!

August 15, 2023

We're excited to ship a new update to the Candle app! This update includes:

The app now respects your system's dark mode setting. It's a great way to save battery life and your eyes! Please let us know if anything looks off.


New Cash Features

We're shipping a new transfer feature on the Automations tab this release. Today, it allows you to transfer money between your internal Robinhood accounts & connected bank accounts. In the future, we'll be adding more transfer destinations and more ways to trigger them.

We also added a new screen that gives you a breakdown of your Robinhood cash accounts. You can find it on the Portfolio tab, along with a button to toggle a graph view.

Bug Fixes

  • In the last build, selling your entire Candle portfolio caused an error to occur, this has been fixed.

  • The graphs in the app are now more accurate for stocks that IPO'd recently.

Download version 1.0.575 on TestFlight and let us know what you think on Discord.


Don't Stop Me Now

August 7, 2023

We're super excited to announce this week's update to the Candle app.

Brand-new navigation

We've split up the app into 3 new tabs.

  • Portfolio is where you can see your entire financial situation at a glance (keep an eye out for the ability to link more of your accounts).
  • Automations is the new home for your automated portfolios, and much more. We'll be adding more automations for you over time.
  • Profile is where you can update your account settings, get support, and more.

Portfolios. Plural.

Don't settle for just one automated portfolio—now you can design a new portfolio for each investment thesis, or just to experiment.

When you're done with a portfolio, use the new Sell > All option to cash out and move on.

Find that company

Now you can search for any stock that your brokerage supports, right from the new Automations tab. Easily discover details about the company, including historical performance, who the CEO is, and more.


Bugs Fixed

We resolved an issue blocking some Robinhood users from linking their accounts. If you previously got stuck, make sure to upgrade and try again!

To grab the update, just open the TestFlight app and make sure you're on version 1.0.555. If you have any feedback or questions, join our Discord and drop us a note!


Powering up!

August 2, 2023

We're kicking off August with a new update to Candle. This week we focused on adding more tools to manage your portfolio and a brand new earnings calendar automation. Here's what's new:

Never miss an earnings call

After launching the app, you'll see a brand new 📅 icon. Now you'll be able to see the upcoming earnings calls for the day, and tapping the date will let you pick a date in the future.

Invest more and cash out

After creating a portfolio, you'll see a few actions for investing more or selling. Previously, these were disabled while we were building out this feature. Now, you can invest more or sell your portfolio with ease. And if something goes wrong, a screen will appear helping you understand what happened and how to fix it.


What's next?

We're working on a few new features that we're excited to share with you soon. In the meantime, if you have any questions, join our Discord and our team will be happy to help.


Faster and farther!

July 24, 2023

We're excited to announce this week's improvements to the Candle app:

  1. The app now intelligently caches some of your Candle and brokerage account data, so opening and navigating around the app should feel snappier and more responsive. All your brokerage data is still stored on your device, and never transmitted to our servers. And you stay in control—you can go to Settings > Clear Network Cache at any time.
  1. You'll now see in-app notifications when you take actions within the app, so you'll know exactly what's happening at all times.
  1. We've simplified how to refresh your data across the app. As part of this improvement, we've temporarily removed the ability to search stocks & crypto (outside of creating a new automated portfolio). Stay tuned for this feature to be available again soon.

Lastly, we have some big new features coming next week—stay tuned for more!


Hello World!

July 20, 2023

After a lot of fine-tuning, building and testing, we're thrilled to announce that Candle is officially in public beta! You can now try our iOS app by downloading it on TestFlight.



Today we are launching with a simple, yet powerful feature set:

  • Connect - We work on top of your existing brokerage account, so that means no new accounts to open or money to transfer. Just connect your brokerage account and you're good to go. We currently support Robinhood, but will be adding more brokerages soon.


  • Create - Automate a portfolio as unique as you are. Our experience is designed to show you how the stocks you own performed historically and relative to the market. All in a simple yet powerful interface.


What's next?

Starting this week, we will begin sharing progress updates on what we have shipped in the week before. We hope this will give you a better sense of what we are working on and what to expect in the coming weeks.

Finally, if you have any questions, join our Discord and our team will be happy to help.

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