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Our vision is to make money fully programmable.

Our Story

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Most of us have a dozen (or more) finance apps on our phones. None of these apps talk to each other beyond Plaid-verified ACH transfers. Neobanks aren't helping. They're all competing and trying to solve the same three problems.

The next leap forward in fintech is where developers can innovate freely to automate every aspect of consumers' finances. We believe this requires building FI connections that are unlike existing data brokers.

Imagine the possibilities with connections that offer real-time data and full write access. This is the leap forward in financial innovation we've been waiting for. And the best part? It can be achieved while ensuring consumers' data remains private and secure, running 100% on-device.

Our Team

We keep our team fast and lean. We work collaboratively, contribute to open source, and have an eye for design. We're remote first with HQs in NYC and CDMX.

Liam Butler-Lawrence

Liam Butler-Lawrence

CTO & Co-Founder

We picked up our skills & tricks by working with a bunch of great teams across fintech and big finance.

JPMorgan Chase

Our Investors

We're grateful to be supported by incredible angel investors including Techstars and Thomas George (an a16z venture scout).

Join us on our mission to make money programmable.

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